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Wholesale Baby Kids Clothing

Who is Payas Bebe?

Payas Bebe | Toptan Bebe ve Çocuk Giyim
The foundations of our company were laid by Vahdettin Payas, who is also our founder, in 1978. Vahdettin Payas, who performed the tailoring business, which is the basis of the textile business, in his hometown Sarıkamış, left the tailoring business with a sudden decision. Using his foresight, Vahdettin Payas decided that the ready-made clothing industry had developed and that it was time for tailoring to end and mass production fabrication. By taking a big step in 2017 and deciding to become a wholesaler from being a manufacturer, our current company Payas Toptan was established on April 5, 2007 within the scope of combed cotton-knitwear-apparel products. And finally, Payas Toptan, which made a big investment in 2012, moved to its main center in Vişne Street. Our company, which set out with the slogan 'We continue to produce for you', continues on its way by adding underwear and baby wear, which has achieved its purpose here, to its product range. We are proud of having completed our 48 years in wholesale business, as we are based on quality products, correct marketing and customer satisfaction. Payas Toptan, which develops day by day, grows every year with the favor of its valued customers, closely follows the innovations in the market and transfers them to its structure, has adopted acting with the logic of moral and honest trade as a corporate principle. For this reason, it has become the leading company in every sector it has entered. As Payas Bebe, it sells all over Turkey. With more than 250 brands, 18000 kinds of products, 7000 potential customer potential and more than 50 employees, it is always in the effort and effort to reach the better with its young and dynamic stance.
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